Charles L. "Chuck" Sweeney, Owner, Real Estate Broker, Auctioneer 50212 - 806th Rd., Greeley, NE 68842 308-428-5971 John "Mike" Sweeney, Real Estate Sales 50339 - 806rd , Greeley, NE 68842 308-428-5791

Mark Durre, Real Estate Sales & Auctioneer 402-482-5519

  • Kathy Sweeney, Bookkeeper, Personal Property Clerk
  • Dennis McKay, Auctioneer
  • Suzanne Tenski, Cashier
  • Rachelle Epley, Assistant Cashier
  • Joan Goodrich, Assistant Cashier
  • Terry Sweeney, Personal Property Sales
  • Jeremiah Sweeney, Personal Property Ringman
  • Dennis Goodrich, Personal Property Ringman

Feel free to contact us at: Sweeney Auction & Realty 50212 - 806th Rd, Greeley, NE 68842-4254 Telephone & FAX: 308-428-5971 E-mail:

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